Marc Jacobs Ladies Daisy Paradise Limited Edition 限定款仙境雛菊 淡香水 75ml

讓Marc Jacobs的Daisy Paradise淡香水帶您進入一個異想天開的烏托邦。這款迷人的香氛捕捉了花香綠洲的精髓,帶來一股清新芬芳的爆發,喚醒您的感官。這款香水精心調製,融合了重要成分的細膩組合,和諧地創造出一個既迷人又有魅力的香氣。

🍊 融合春天精髓的香氛
🌸 前調:多汁的橘子、甜美的荔枝、多肉的蘋果花
🌺 中調:空靈的粉玫瑰、優雅的紫羅蘭花瓣、浪漫的茉莉
🌿 後調:麝香杏桃皮、柔滑的木質調、溫暖的香草豆

沉浸在奢華的Daisy Paradise淡香水中,您將體驗其精心挑選成分帶來的益處。橘子的提神香氣能提振您的心情,振奮您的精神,而荔枝和蘋果花的微妙甜味則增添了令人愉悅的女性氣息。花香的中調喚起優雅和浪漫的感覺,無論您走到哪裡,都會留下一縷令人難以抗拒的魅力。後調中麝香、木質和香草的精緻混合提供了一種舒適而持久的誘惑力。

與Marc Jacobs的Daisy Paradise淡香水一起,踏入純粹幸福與美麗的世界。這款精緻的香氛是尋求體現優雅、高貴和自然魅力的人的完美伴侶。讓這迷人的香氣將您帶入一個夢幻般的天堂,無限可能在等待著您。擁抱您的冒險精神,每一次噴灑Daisy Paradise淡香水,都散發自信光芒。

  • 容量:75ml
  • 前調:橘子、荔枝、蘋果花
  • 中調:粉玫瑰、紫羅蘭花瓣、茉莉
  • 後調:麝香杏桃皮、木質調、香草豆

Marc Jacobs Ladies Daisy Paradise Limited Edition Eau de Toilette 75ml

Transport yourself to a whimsical utopia with Daisy Paradise Eau De Toilette by Marc Jacobs. This enchanting fragrance captures the essence of a floral oasis, delivering a burst of refreshing scents that awaken your senses. Crafted with utmost care, this fragrance features a delicate blend of important ingredients that work together harmoniously to create a scent that is both mesmerizing and captivating.

🍊 Infused with the essence of spring
🌸 Top notes: Juicy mandarin, luscious lychee, succulent apple blossom
🌺 Heart notes: Ethereal pink rose, elegant violet petals, romantic jasmine
🌿 Base notes: Musky apricot skin, creamy woods, warm vanilla bean

As you indulge in the luxurious Daisy Paradise Eau De Toilette, you’ll experience the benefits of its carefully selected ingredients. The energizing aroma of mandarins uplifts your mood and invigorates your spirit, while the subtle sweetness of lychee and apple blossom adds a delightful touch of femininity. The floral heart notes evoke a sense of elegance and romance, leaving a trail of irresistible allure wherever you go. The sophisticated blend of musk, woods, and vanilla in the base notes provides a comforting and long-lasting allure.

Step into a world of pure bliss and beauty with Daisy Paradise Eau De Toilette by Marc Jacobs. This exquisite fragrance is the perfect companion for those seeking to embody grace, elegance, and effortless charm. Allow the enchanting scent to transport you to a dreamlike paradise where boundless possibilities await. Embrace your adventurous spirit and radiate confidence with every spritz of Daisy Paradise Eau De Toilette.

  • Volume: 75ml
  • Top notes: Mandarin, lychee, apple blossom
  • Heart notes: Pink rose, violet petals, jasmine
  • Base notes: Musky apricot skin, woods, vanilla bean
重量0.2 公斤


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