Giorgio Armani My Way 自我無界 女士 濃香水 15ml

Giorgio Armani My Way 香水邀請您踏上一場香氣的探索旅程,建立人與人之間的連繫。這款香水專為擁有開明心態、旺盛好奇心,並且準備擴闊視野,盡情在世界各地體驗生活並活出真我的女性而設。My Way 鼓勵女性勇敢追尋自己的夢想,探索未知的領域,同時也傳遞了一種包容、連結的精神。

想像自己佩戴上 My Way 香水,彷彿踏上了一段奇妙的旅程。前調佛手柑與埃及橙花的清新芳香,宛如一縷溫暖的陽光,喚醒您的感官,帶來活力滿滿的開端。隨後,印度月下香與茉莉的馥郁花香漸漸浮現,營造出一個神秘而浪漫的氛圍,讓您沉浸在柔美的夢境中。最後,美國維吉尼亞雪松木、馬達加斯加香草與白麝香的溫暖基調悄然而至,如同一個溫暖的擁抱,帶給您安心與自在的感受。

– 以負責任原則從世界各地開採原材料,體現可持續發展理念
– 創新的補充式瓶身設計,方便在家中補充香水,環保又便利
– 佛手柑與埃及橙花的清新前調,印度月下香與茉莉的馥郁中調,雪松木、香草與白麝香的溫暖基調,層次豐富

My Way 香水的原材料均按照負責任原則從世界各地開採,如埃及人手採摘的苦橙、印度卡納塔克邦的晚香玉,以及透過支持當地社群的計劃採購的馬達加斯加香草,體現了品牌的可持續發展理念。此外,香水還採用了創新的補充式瓶身設計,您可以輕鬆地在家中補充香水,扭開噴霧瓶即可一滴不漏地完成補充,既環保又方便。

無論您是在都市中奮鬥,還是在異國他鄉探索,My Way 香水都能成為您的忠實夥伴,給您帶來勇氣、力量和啟發。讓這款香水陪伴您踏上屬於自己的非凡旅程,展現最真實、最獨特的自我,創造無限可能。Giorgio Armani My Way 香水,專為追尋自我的妳而生。


  • 前調:佛手柑、埃及橙花
  • 中調:印度晚香玉、茉莉
  • 基調:維吉尼亞雪松木、馬達加斯加香草、白麝香
  • 香調:花香調
  • 容量:15ml
  • 補充式瓶身設計

My Way 香水產品圖片
My Way 香水原材料介紹

Giorgio Armani My Way EDP For Her 15ml

Embark on a captivating journey of scent and connection with Giorgio Armani My Way, a fragrance designed for the open-minded, curious woman who is ready to broaden her horizons, experience life to the fullest, and embrace her true self. My Way invites you to explore the world, forge meaningful connections, and celebrate the beauty of self-discovery.

Discover the Enchanting Composition of My Way

My Way is a floral fragrance that showcases sustainably sourced ingredients from around the globe. As you apply the scent to your skin, the top notes of Calabrian bergamot and Egyptian orange blossom envelop you in a bright, fresh aroma that awakens your senses. The orange blossom, hand-picked from bitter orange trees in Egypt, is extracted using a 100% natural enfleurage process, ensuring the purest expression of its delicate floral essence.

At the heart of My Way lies the captivating duo of Indian tuberose and jasmine. These classic floral notes are reimagined in a contemporary style, offering a lush, intoxicating aroma that symbolizes the fragrance’s spirit of exploration and connection. The tuberose is carefully selected from the Mysore region of Karnataka, India, and hand-picked to ensure the highest quality.

As the fragrance evolves, the warm, lingering base notes of Virginian cedarwood, Madagascar vanilla, and white musk emerge, creating a profound and comforting foundation. The vanilla is sourced through a sustainable and responsible program that aims to support local communities in Madagascar, reflecting Giorgio Armani’s commitment to ethical and conscientious practices.

Innovative and Eco-Conscious Packaging

My Way features an innovative refillable bottle design, allowing you to easily replenish your fragrance at home. Simply twist open the spray bottle, and refill it without spilling a single drop. This eco-conscious approach to packaging reflects Giorgio Armani’s dedication to sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

Key Facts about Giorgio Armani My Way EDP For Her 15ml:

  • A floral fragrance that invites you to explore, connect, and discover your true self
  • Features sustainably sourced ingredients from around the world
  • Top notes: Calabrian bergamot and Egyptian orange blossom
  • Heart notes: Indian tuberose and jasmine
  • Base notes: Virginian cedarwood, Madagascar vanilla, and white musk
  • Innovative refillable bottle design for easy, eco-conscious replenishment
  • 15ml Eau de Parfum concentration, perfect for on-the-go or travel

Experience the enchanting world of Giorgio Armani My Way, a fragrance that celebrates the joy of exploration, the power of connection, and the beauty of self-discovery. Embrace your curiosity, broaden your horizons, and let My Way be your companion on this exciting journey called life.

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