Green Sprouts 2安士 60ml綠色玻璃儲存盒4個裝

產品尺寸:60ml的儲存盒 共4個


* 不含化工原料,不含PVC,BPA等。安全可靠
* 材質100%安全,即使用加熱或冷藏的狀態下,也不會產生任何危害物質
* 精巧設計,不占空間
* 玻璃材質,容易清洗




Store, carry, heat, and serve homemade baby food—Our 2 oz. containers with lids are easy to store in the fridge or freezer to conveniently defrost or reheat fresh, homemade baby food!

Tempered glass for your family’s safety—Durable, temperature-, and shatter-resistant glass cubes are chemically stable, so they won’t absorb tastes or odors, or leach chemicals when heated. In the case of breakage, tempered glass breaks into larger chunks rather than shards for safer and easier clean up.

Made from safer materials—Our baby food freezer storage containers are made without PVC and hormone-disrupting BPA, BPS, and BPF additives for baby’s health and safety.

Flexible lid design provides a leak-proof seal—Lids with secure edges mold to glass cubes to prevent leaks and freezer burn.

Perfectly sized for baby meal prep—Glass storage containers hold 2 ounces (60 mL) of food and purees with embossed measurements in ounces and milliliters for perfect portions.

Multiple colors available—A variety of colors allow you to identify and organize different purees and foods for balanced meals for your little one.

Interchangeable and stackable lids and trays—Organize and save freezer space with our lids and trays that are interchangeable and stackable with all green sprouts® food cubes.

重量0.8 kg
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  •  速遞 $35
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