Aptamil PRE階段白金版配方奶粉800g(德國版)


Infant formula from birth
For over 40 years, we have been researching the wonderful properties of breast milk and its inner plan to nourish, develop and best prepare the child for the future. The knowledge from our groundbreaking research is in our patented formula.

Aptamil Profutura DUOADVANCE formula has been developed based on our latest research into breast milk and early childhood nutrition. It is designed to meet your baby’s nutritional needs from birth and is suitable to use both on its own and in combination with breastfeeding.

Additionally, Aptamil Profutura DUOADVANCE Pre contains vegetable oils without palm oil.

Why is it so special?
Aptamil Profutura DUOADVANCE Pre is based on the latest findings from over 40 years of pioneering research and sets new standards for Aptamil with its patented formula: our special combination of nutrients with an innovative and unique process.

Our unique process
Our unique process uses natural lactic acid bacteria that positively “pre-digest” some of the milk during the production process.

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Q1: 你地啲商品點解賣咁平,係唔係假貨黎架?
A1: 我哋致力簡化流程,並降低支出,例如沒有門市,低庫存策略,務求慳番嘅錢全數轉贈俾客戶。請放心,我哋保證所售嘅每一件商品都係全新及正貨。

Q2: 落單下幾時會收到貨?
A2: 一般落單及成功付款後,我地會開始準備貨物,一般會於7個工作天內完成寄出,你可於帳戶內嘅我的訂單查詢狀態。

Q3: 你地啲商品有啲寫現貨有啲無寫,有咩分別?
A3: 有寫現貨代表商品已經喺我地倉庫內,如果冇寫代表落單後會即時向供應商要求商品,BabyMall 以低庫存量運作,確保有較長嘅商品有效期。
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