Culturelle 康萃樂 孕婦益生菌咀嚼片 30粒裝

– 美國銷量 No. 1
– 有超過1000項科學研究及200項臨床研究
– 改善腸道健康
– 提高免疫力
– 舒緩腸胃不適
– 一天一粒素食膠囊

Extra support for mom, a strong foundation for baby*
Health and happiness go hand in hand. Did you know that the bacteria that live in your gut are essential to you and your baby’s overall health? During pregnancy, it is important to establish an environment of good bacteria to get your baby off to the best possible start. Probiotics have the power to help support the healthy development of your baby by promoting a natural balance of good bacteria in your gut microbiome. But it’s not just about baby: keeping you healthy is critical during this important time. Culturelle® Prenatal Wellness Probiotic is designed supports your digestive, immune and vaginal health to help give you the support she needs.*

Benefits of Culturelle® Prenatal Wellness Probiotic
Promotes baby’s healthy development*
Supports mom’s digestive, immune & feminine health, including vaginal health*
How does it work?
Safe for both mom and baby, Culturelle® Prenatal Wellness Probiotic works by supporting mom’s intestinal and vaginal microbiomes to promote digestive, immune and feminine health*. It is made of safe, gentle and proven ingredients: 5 scientifically studied probiotic strains including naturally sourced Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG. In a delicious mixed fruit flavored chewable, Culturelle® Prenatal Wellness Probiotic is designed for use before, during and after pregnancy, including while breastfeeding and as a companion to your prenatal multivitamin.

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